beth ditto evans collection bags.jpg

Beth Ditto for Evans hits the stores on the 9th of July, so we had a word with Evan's Head of Design Lisa Marie about the forthcoming collection.

Lisa Marie explained to us that the collaboration came about when Ditto's pal Kate Moss had a word in Phillip Green's ear; "Beth DItto is a bit of an icon for us, she's always been on our radar. We wanted to harness some of her infectious energy and I think it does come across in the collection. It's something positive and fun for young women."

beth ditto evans collection bag studded dress.jpg

"Beth wanted to create a movement, she came to us with a sketchbook full of little drawings, The beetlecrushers were inspired by a drawing she came to us with and she even did illustrations of herself holding the bags! You can tell she was really into fashion, as she kept bringing these vintage pieces she didn't wear but had bought for the print, or the colour. She also helped with design details like higher and thicker waistbands on the leggings for a better fit. One thing about larger women is when they see something that works they share it, so there is a sense of camaraderie and I think this is something that comes through in the collection."

Expect to see printed leggings, electro '80s knitwear and slinky jersey dresses. We hear Kate Moss has already snapped up the diamanté cat t-shirt!