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The long-running feud between Woody Allen and American Apparel has finally been settled for a cool $5million (£3.3million).

The director sued the clothing retailer last year, after they used his image in advertising billboards without his authorisation.

American Apparel's chief executive, Don Charney, argued that the image, which depicted Allen as a Hasidic Jew from Allen's 1977 film, Annie Hall, was fair game.

On Monday, the case was put to bed when Allen was awarded $5million for violation of privacy, although he initially filed for $10million.

"It's of course possible that by going through the trial a jury might have awarded me more money but this is not how I make my living and $5 million is enough to discourage American Apparel or anyone else from trying such a thing again," Allen said.

[Source / Photo: WENN.com]