What a week in fashion news it has been! My nickname around Catwalk Queen might be "news octopus" but even yours truly could barely keep up with everything that went down. TGI Friday is all I can say! Because we couldn't possibly get around to blogging everything that happened in the last seven days, here is a nifty round-up of everything that you missed or didn't miss in a couple of handy bite-sized chunks. Enjoy my lovelies...

  • Speaking of angry pups, the Geldof sisters are also up in arms over an exhibition of X-rated pictures which depicts the pair of them naked, bound and gagged. Surely this is a just a typical Friday night out for the girls? OK... Maybe not. Dame Vivienne Westwood's artist son Ben Westwood is responsible, but surely the girls can understand. I mean, from one celebrity-spawn to the next?
  • And finally, it seems all that hoo-ha over Azzedine Alaïa being snubbed by the organisers of the Met Gala has seen him have the last laugh. After his work was essentially ignored from the exhibition, who went and wore one of his designs the very next day? Michelle Obama that's who! And if it's good enough for MObama.... Well, you catch my drift.

And that my friends, was the week that was. I'm going to go lie down now.

Peace out,
Kim a.k.a. "news octopus" x