Giant Vintage Sunglasses Grey Clubmaster

All my style crushes for the year so far have had one thing in common: epic sunglasses. Lady Gaga, obv, Amber Rose, Arlo Weiner... none of these faces would like quite so marvellous without their specs.

I've always had something of a passion for sunglasses - my obscenely large/round head just looks better when accessorised, Mr Potato Head-style. In my experience, the best sunglasses (unless you're buying designer) tend to be vintage. Ain't that always the way? Jumble sales, charity shops and car boot sales all offer plenty of options - a friend in Nottingham recently found a trunk full of Rayban Wayfarers, all tagged up and still in their boxes, going for 50p a pop!

When it comes to online specs buying, though, I've never found too much choice. Of course Ebay and Etsy can always be relied on for vintage treats, but for something a little more specialised let me share with you my favourite new website - Giant Vintage. It's 100% the best sunglasses site I've found, and, more importantly, it's really cheap, even factoring in the shipping. My current picks are these Gaga-sque visor shades...

Giant Vintage Sunglasses Lady Gaga

... and these quite frankly bitchin' Party Animal glasses.

Giant Vintage Sunglasses Black

Also available is a whole array of not-so-tacky vintage specs, Mark Ronson-approved geek glasses and more. What sunglasses will you be sporting this summer, CQers?