From ShinyStyle: America's CW network has released its fall television schedule, and it's looking good. Not only am I embarrassingly excited to see Vampire Diaries (I blame Twilight), I'm also quite keen to check out Mischa Barton's latest show, The Beautiful Life. Centred around the lives of a bunch of models living in New York, it also stars Elle Macpherson and is produced by Ashton Kutcher. Check out a preview of the show above, which also features Zac Posen playing himself.

ALSO, see a sneak peek of the new Melrose Place remake, starring Ashlee Simpson, after the jump...

If you're a Melrose Place fan and keen to check out the new remake, dubbed Melrose Place 2.0, then get excited. Starring Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (yes, her name is hyphened now) and original cast members, Laura Leighton (Sydney Andrews - back from the dead!) and Thomas Calabro (Michael Mancini). It aims to replicate the '90s original with all the usual bitching, affairs and murders. Bring back Heather Locklear, I say! Click play on the clip above.

P.S. Finally, the latest on Valley Girls, the '80s spin-off series to Gossip Girl, is that it has not been killed. Despite not making the fall schedule cut, reports say that it may come in as a mid-season replacement. Stay tuned!