Zomg! The cast of the latest film adaptation of Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights has been revealed, with Gossip Girl's stylish Ed Westwick confirmed to play one of literature's most tormented protagonists - Heathcliff. Alongside him will be Gemma Arterton who has signed on to play Cathy, after both Natalie Portman and Abbie Cornish dropped out.

The film has not been without its troubles. Following three years of development, it has been plagued by multiple cast changes and a replacement of director. Peter Webber (Girl With a Pearl Earring) has now stepped in to direct after John Maybury (The Edge of Love) ankled.

"We've cast it as written," said producer Robert Bernstein, of Ecosse Films. "We're very proud to have British actors."

Hurrah for finally settling on two Brits to play the leads! I think Ed especially is an interesting choice. As Chuck Bass, he certainly smoulders with charisma and devilishness, and often appears tortured in his feelings for Blair. But does he have the acting chops to pull off the part of Heathcliff? What do you think? Tell us below.

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