mary portas queen of charity shops.jpgWe heard earlier in the year that Mary Portas was set to revamp the fortunes of charity shops with her new series of Mary Queen of Shops, due to air on BBC2 later this year.

Now news has come in that she will open her own charity shop in London's Westfield shopping centre. At CQ Towers we love a good charity shop, so we can't wait to pay a visit. Called Mary's Living and Giving Shop it will take its cues from London street markets like Portobello and Camden.

Portas is hoping to change people's perceptions of charity shops telling the Sunday Times: "A lot of people think charity shops are a little bit smelly...and a little bit irrelevant, but I want to change all that." Portas has teamed up with Grazia to appeal for clothes, so if you have some unwanted togs you can find out how to send them to the shop or just look at which celebs are donating clothes here.

Surely most people aren't put off by charity shops anymore, or do you still find them a bit displeasing? Take our poll and let us know!