m&s penny bazaar market marks spencer.jpgTo celebrate 125 years of business Marks and Spencer are offering a heaping handful of items for the princely sum of one penny. M&S have given you the option to donate more, as proceeds from the sale will go to the company's 125 Charity Challenge, which aims to raise £1.25m for local and regional charities between May and September but even if you do decide to donate more it's an unprecedented bargain!

M&S Chairman Stuart Rose explained the reasons for having a penny sale: 'M&S started off in life as a Penny Bazaar back in 1884. So what better way to share our birthday with our customers than offering them the chance to choose M&S products for just one penny?'

Items on sale include the mug pictured above, a jewellery set consisting of necklace and earrings, retro sweets, scarf and a leather purse. Jump through to see more images

marks spencer penny bazaar.jpg