mademoiselle robot denim shorts outfit1.jpg
Today, Mademoiselle Robot gives us three ways to sport our denim shorts.

Oooooh, denim shorts... We thought they would be a passing trend, a Daisy Duke kinda fad. For a while, they were in every single magazine, on every single blog, even your neighbour had some. You'd think everyone would get sick of them by now, but au contraire, they have acquired the enviable status of wardrobe staple, or must have if you prefer.

There are so many different shapes of denim shorts now, you can easily find one that will suit your body type. I go for short high waisted ones as they have a vintage feel to them.

The important thing to keep in mind with denim shorts is that they shouldn't become the focal point of your outfit, after all, they are only a tiny frayed bit of cotton. What matters is what you wear them with.

mademoiselle robot denim shorts outfit3.jpg

In the city, you want to make them look a bit smart, so go for heels (preferably cute wedges), a top tucked in and a slouchy cardigan to tame the hoochiness of the shorts (in the holy words of Tyra B.)

For a weekend in the countryside, you can relax and get your floaty chiffon top on and flat sandals (you know, the fringed ones that you weren't sure how to wear).

mademoiselle robot denim shorts outfit2.jpg

Last but not least, if you are by the sea, denim shorts can go back to their original purpose of being a cover up you wear with just a bikini top to get home from the beach (see 1st pic).

Before I go, I would like to add that there is one way of wearing shorts that isn't acceptable in any circumstances... No to shorts with elephant feet aka UGG boots and the like!

How do you wear your denim shorts?