leighton meester louis vuitton met institute costume gala.jpg

Madonna, Rihanna and Leighton Meester have all been lambasted for the choice of Met outfit but you have to applaud these ladies for making a bold fashion choice, don't you? Where most people would have opted for just the dress Meester stuck with the Louis Vuitton leggings as they appeared on the catwalk.

Madonna wore a puzzling outfit of thigh-high boots, ruched minidress and fabric headpiece but the triumphant look on her face suggests she knows she sticks out, but couldn't care less! Rihanna opted for a puff-sleeve tux, which was by no means extraordinarily strange but nevertheless the knives came out. Even poor old Stella and her lace jumpsuit got a bir of a grilling, even though it's probably the nicest (only?) lace jumpsuit we've ever seen.

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