jesusluz_madonna_interviewjustfriends.jpgMadonna might seem smitten with her so-called beau, Jesus Luz (check out their steamy photo-shoot for W for evidence). But according to the man himself, they are "just friends."

The 23-year-old model sat down with Brazilian TV show Fantástico, to open up about his relationship with the Queen of Pop for the first time. When asked outright if the pair plan to wed, he replied: "She is someone I truly admire, a friend who is in my life, who I have worked with, and who I keep in touch with. I can't say anything else besides that. She is a friend, and nothing but a friend."

"We were introduced by photographer Steven Klein. I thought she was a wonderful person, full of positive energy," he added.

Check out a video of the interview after the cut (note: it's in Brazilian)...

So do we believe him? Do you buy this "just friends" line? Let us know by leaving your comments below.

[via Made in Brazil]