full moon wolf tee margiela.jpg

The fine line between hipster and hippy has been softly blurring for a couple of years now, culminating with Martin Margiela's epic horse print tee last season. But why pay £600+ for a designer shirt when the real deal is a million times better? As a bona fide, dream-catcher owning hippy, come with me now for a brief trawl through the world of wolf t-shirts, tie-dye and preposterously fringed leather.

Cactus Mountain is a new addition to my bookmarks folder, but one I'm very happy to have found. It sells lots of fringed leather goods, as any good shop should, but what I like best on this site is the range of bags. If you're into tassles, beading or skulls (and let's face it, who isn't?), this is the place for you. My number one pick is this handmade Jolly Roger bag, a bargain at $125.

studded fringed bag skull top leather.jpg

A recurring theme with these hippy/biker/~fantasy~ sites is appalling web design, but if you can get past that there are some real gems to be found. Sawgrass Blossom (how's that for a name?) has all the usual suspects - cowboy boots, bags and belts - as well as some more unusual items - briefcases, vest extenders and the (ever essential) zipper pulls. If I had a spare $278, I'd be picking up this ridiculous fringed top. Don't be put of by my ostentatious pick though, there's a lot of less stupid stuff to be snapped up.

Finally, let's talk wolf. Animal t-shirts seem to transcend all genres - whether you opt for the classic wolf, novelty unicorn or more adventurous creature ( trout, anyone?). This is my pick of the animal t-shirt sites, although if you happen to be visiting a zoo anytime soon they do tend to have a nice array. At around £15 a pop, these shirts aren't the cheapest on the block, but they're £600 less than Margiela's, £30 less than Something Else's (admittedly amazing) offerings and a tenner less than those at Urban Outfitters. When you put it like that, they're kind of a bargain I guess.