isabelle ocarroll editor catwalk queen.jpgEagle-eyed readers will have spotted a few changes at Catwalk Queen in recent weeks. With a hanky dabbing at our eyes we waved goodbye to Gemma, not without giving her a survival bag for the new office which included Baptiste dry shampoo and Diet Coke (just the essentials!)

Following Gemma's move onto new projects, I've stepped into her shoes as Editor of CQ and I am thrilled to take the helm. You might have noticed comments are down, we're working on sorting this out very soon and we've got some even more exciting developments for the site in the pipeline!

In the meantime, if you want to get in touch and have a chat about fashion or ask me to track down a must-have piece just drop me an email at You can also follow Catwalk Queen on twitter, as well as me (IsabelleOC) to keep up with all the CQ goings on and the latest gossip.

[image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman]