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Girls Aloud onstage, taken during their tour last year.

Part two of our interview with Girls Aloud stylist Frank Strachan, he tells us who would be his dream celebrity, stylingwise; and fills us in on his pre-Girls Aloud career. If you missed part one click here to read about the Girls and get his budget fashion tips!

How did you start your career, and who else have you styled?
I have always wanted to be a stylist, initially I was drawn to the magazine styling side of things as this was the only thing available to me growing up in Blackpool and where I drew all my inspiration from- I-D, Dazed and Confused and Vogue were like style bibles to me and always wanted to be part of that scene.

I moved to London and took a course in design at Central St Martins. Throughout this period I did a lot of work experience at Attitude Magazine where I am now the fashion editor. Despite never wanting to be a designer, the course has helped me to understand the background and skills it takes to be a designer- something that has definitely benefited me in the long run. Whilst at college, William Baker (Kylie's creative director at the time) saw some photos of my collection and an article on me by Dazed and Confused and offered me a styling job with Kylie, something I continued doing for the next 3 years...

Other people I have worked with include Britney Spears, The Pet Shop Boys, Jamelia and Girls Aloud.

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Kimberly, Sarah and Nicola on a night out

Who do you think has the most dramatic style?

I think Jennifer Connolly is rather dramatic but in a good way. She rocks out really mental looks, wearing exciting and daring pieces from designers such as Balenciaga, looks that would scare most people. You expect most Hollywood actresses to play it safe but she always looks beautiful and different from the rest of the crowd carrying it off in a classy but effortless manner.

What other celebrities would you like to style if you could?
I would love to style Beyoncé as I am a massive fan. Gwen Stefani or Madonna would also be great as they are both strong women with individual and sometimes flamboyant styles. On the other hand Alexander Burke would be good as she is a beautiful woman who I feel is still trying to establish her own sense of style- something I think I could help with.

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