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Girls Aloud at the Brits accepting their award earlier this year

Girls Aloud have teamed up with Kit Kat Senses and their stylist Frank Strachan to offer a £1000 shopping spree. To celebrate we spoke to Frankabout fashion, celebs and tips. We also gave a call for questions on our CQ Twitter, so if you sent us a query read on!

How long have you been styling GA and in what way have they become more fashion savvy?
I have been one of the stylists for Girls Aloud for the past 3 years now. They have been in the band now for such a long time and during this period have grown as people so much. All women's sense of style grows over time, they are more conscious about what to wear, what makes them feel and look good and as a result become more confident as people. In a sense they have become more fashion savvy but this has evolved with age, confidence and an understanding of themselves.

Who is the most fashion forward of Girls Aloud?
Well they all have their own individual style. Nicola is really interested in fashion, she is really clued up with what's going on from season to season, upcoming designers etc.. and goes to all the shows off and on schedule.

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Who is the least interested in fashion?
They are all interested in fashion and have their own personal style. They are the type of people who will wear clothes because they look good but more importantly because they make them feel good, not just because they are in fashion or the 'in' thing.

What are your tips for dressing on a budget?
The recession means that simplicity is back in but accessories can change an outfit, liven and entertain. Working on a budget doesn't mean you have to be dull with your choices. Add statement accessories to simple outfits whether it's jewellery or a cropped jacket (which I'm loving right now!). Have fun with your wardrobe don't be afraid to be adventurous as long as you are comfortable in what you wear your confidence will shine through. Good underwear is also a key piece to get right- Primark have some great body shaping underwear available for only £2.50.

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The early years: Girls Aloud pose for a shoot way back in 1990, prossibly before they enlisted Frank!

What inspires you?
A lot of my inspiration is taken from music videos new and old. I love to re-discover old videos and the old styles used in them no matter how flamboyant they are! YouTube is perfect for this. When I was growing up all my references were taken from books and magazines and now YouTube offers a window into the past and present which is always accessible wherever you are. 'Numero' (amazing French mag -ed) also inspires me and is a great reference when it comes to creating a rather different and funky look, perfect for music videos and themed photo shoots.


Stick around, we'll be featuring part two later on today...