rachelzoe_tvscoopinterview.jpgOur friends over at Shiny Media's sensational television blog, TV Scoop, snagged an exclusive interview with Rachel Zoe. Naturally we were not only tres excited about this but also very jealous.

The much-talked-about stylist discusses her love of vintage, her personal style icons, and of course her reasons behind launching her fly-on-the-wall series, The Rachel Zoe Project, which currently screens on Really (Sky and Virgin Media). She is also apparently a very big fan of British fashion:

"The style in the UK is a huge, huge inspiration for me. I love... even walking along the streets of London, I'm like, aaaurgh [makes sighing noise]. You just get that great aristocratic style that I love so much. Like that classic English... Savile Row and all that. And... I love the whole Portobello/Notting Hill vibe too."

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TV Scoop: OK, so onto the show. With everything you experienced in the past - all the cameras, the showbiz events etc - was the idea of doing a fly-on-the-wall documentary series a daunting prospect?
Rachel Zoe: It was something I said would never do in my whole life. And then you have your parents in your ear and saying never say never. I also said I'd never write a book and I've done that... so it was the last thing I thought I'd ever do but it turned out to be the best thing I ever did. Life lesson learned there. It's hard though, I'm not going to lie. It wasn't done as effort to become a celebrity, it was done in an effort to educate people about what we do in the fashion industry and how we go about it. What the designers do and what the process of styling is. We go into it. I was getting kind of tired about the misconceptions that stylists live this glamorous life, just go to shows and parties and put dresses on people. That's not what it is.

TVS: So what would you say to those people who say that your job - and the fashion industry as a whole - is money for old rope and a doss? It's not a real job, surely...
I think that was one of the biggest outcomes of the show - from across the board, from people I meet on the street who are construction workers to people who my dad does business with, tell me that they're obsessed with the show and that they had absolutely no idea what the process was and all of the management. They're surprised it's a proper business and run as one. I think it's one of those things... we work so hard. It's not just dressing people for the red carpet. I collaborate with various designers, contribute to magazines and websites, I'm very often pulling clothes for people in their real lives as well as for them in their public life. So it's a lot and it's a constant fight and a constant marathon.

TVS: Sure, and that's another thing I noticed in the show... you want to build on your success as a stylist and branch out into a Rachel Zoe brand of accessories. We see you in the show very daunted... why? There were moments where you openly admitted that you were very afraid...
RZ: You mean in the sense of developing my own brand? I still am scared! It's hard. Every. Single. Day. I find it a constant struggle to balance building the brand to where I want it to be and maintaining my clients to keep styling. I still love styling. It's never ending. It just means a lack of sleep and lots of insecurity, and just trying to keep everything at the level it needs to be at. I'm shattered a lot of the time, an my husband... well, he's amazing.

TVS: What's next for your fashion wise? What's the hot new Rachel Zoe look?
Fashion is moving into the '80s. Me? I'm staying in the '60s! I'll do a few splashes of '80s vintage Yves Saint Laurent with the shoulder pads and things like that. But, you know, Marc Jacobs is a huge influence. Louis Vuitton? I can't even breathe. Chanel, just makes me cry.

TVS: Me too. What about at home... after all the parties and designer clobber, what do you wear? Are you a jogging bottoms girl?
I'm not. When I'm, like, not in 'my look' I'm in a bathrobe if truth be told. My casual uniform is some sort of wide-leg jean and some great Chanel or YSL jacket.

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