As mentioned last week, Natalia Vodianova and Dita Von Teese made special appearances at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest over the weekend. Vodianova acted as co-presenter alongside Russian personality, Andrey Malakhov, during the semi-final round. Dita Von Teese performed a burlesque dance as part of Germany's entry - watch a clip of the performance after the jump...


As always, fashion played a huge part of this year's Eurovision, with Ukraine's Svetlana Loboda (pictured above cut, right) topping my list for most daring wear. It seems somebody forgot to tell her that flashing your knickers is so 2007. In fact, legs were on show from a number of female entrants including Azerbaijan, Albania, and 'The Balkan Girls' from Romania (pictured above, left). Then again, at least it was better than simply throwing on a bath sheet like Russia's Anastasia Prikhodko (pictured above, left).

[via Fabsugar UK / Photos:; AP]