Rumours that Kate Moss was secretly penning an autobiography have been confirmed... by Sir Richard Branson!

The supermodel has struck a deal, estimated at £1million, with Branson to write an "exciting" autobiography to be published by Virgin Books. It looks set to be a no-holds-barred account of her life, featuring anecdotes by her celebrity pals.

The deal is believed to have been in place for several years, but was halted in 2006 to give Kate time to rebuild her career after that alleged cocaine incident.

"It's going to make an exciting read," Branson said. "She has led a celebrity life to the max."

While no release date has been announced, it is thought that the book will contain details of Kate's alleged drug abuse, and her split from Pete Doherty. It may also confront recent rumours that she had an affair with Eve Berlin from Living Things last year while apart from Jamie Hince.

One thing is for sure, with Sir Philip Green and now Sir Richard Branson behind her, Kate definitely has some cashed-up friends in high places. I can't wait to get my mitts on this read!

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