marksspencer_brapolicy_surcharge.jpgOne point British shoppers, nil Marks & Spencer. That's the score today after shoppers won their victory over M&S's ludicrous big-bust surcharge.

The retailer has come under heavy criticism after charging customers an extra £2 for bra sizes DD and larger, which they say is to cover extra material and engineering costs. Naturally the move has upset bigger-busted women, including Ulrika Jonsson, who claim they have been discriminated against.

"People think it would be great to have big boobs, but it's an emotional issue, it can make you feel isolated, and shopping at Marks & Spencer can make you feel like a freak when they charge you extra," said Beckie Williams of Busts 4 Justice.

Under pressure M&S dropped its £2 surcharge last night, signalling a win for frustrated campaigners.

"This is absolutely fantastic news," Williams told the Daily Mail. "I just want to thank all the women who have stood up for what they believe in."

Meanwhile, M&S's Sir Stuart Rose said: "We always try to do the right thing by our customers and we thought we had, but it's clear we've got it wrong this time. From Saturday, no matter whether it's large or small bras you need, the price will be the same, with the same level of great support."


[Photo via AP]