Another week down and I am just about all Cannes'd out. Here is your weekly dose of fashion news, written in handy dot points for your reading pleasure.

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  • Do my eyes deceive me or has Beyonce taken a leaf out of Lady Gaga's style book and opted to forgo bottoms (again!). Sasha Fierce has released her latest single, "Ego", and the music video is a decidedly bottom-less. That is except for glittery leotards, which when you think about it, is just like her video for "Single Ladies". Of course, I love her. She isn't afraid to wear what she likes, even when she's working her jelly. But I am a bit concerned... Is she, Madonna and Gaga all trying to tell us that sans trousers is really the way forward? Someone pass me a treadmill.

  • This week was also a big one for Marios Schwab. The British designer revealed that he has been recruited as the new creative director of Halston, much to the delight of us all. Yes, here at CQ we were like proud mother hens when we heard the news, if not a little scared for our baby chick. After all, his new job means that he will be flying the coop for New York. So what does this spell for his namesake label and London Fashion Week?

    "I hope to continue to show Marios Schwab in London. I wish for London to support me. I love the thought of having two fashion metropolises. London is amazing inspiration and New York is an interesting place to be - it's important what comes out of them," he told Vogue.

    Meanwhile, following the success of their Preen Line at Net-a-porter, Preen's Justin Thornton also spoke about whether this might mean a show at London Fashion Week.

    "Preen Line has become a very important part of our business. We have doubled the sales and stockists on Preen Line in two seasons. As for a Preen Line show in London... it is not confirmed," he said.

    Could Preen really come back to LFW? Ooh, I very much hope so.

And that, my pets, was the week that was. Until next week...

News Octopus, x