american apparel tights hole bum butt.jpg

I spend more time than is probably advisable lurking around online fashion communities, and without a doubt the singular most boring (but recurring) topic is people picking up on some slightly 'different' item from Topshop and going 'LOL OMG who would dream of wearing this???'

I thought we'd all woken up to the fact that fashion is about wearing what you like, embracing the individual and, most importantly of all, having fun. The resurgence of harem pants, playsuits and even leggings required some brave souls to have their mates/family/people in the street laugh mercilessly at them for a few months before they caught on to the idea.

However all that being said... every now and then an item of clothing comes along that makes even me, the most enthusiastic of fashion fans, come over all 'WTF'. Today, readers, was one of those days. I give you the American Apparel (of course!) Sheer Luxe Cut-Out Pantyhose.

I am all for adventure/embarrassment in the name of fashion, but even I'm drawing a blank with these bad boys. I have no comprehension of what you'd do with them and why. Any bright ideas? Any particular reason you'd like to have your bum cheeks bared while keeping the rest of your legs under wraps? No, me neither. If you're a braver soul than me, and happen to be interested in picking up a pair, they're currently in the Coming Soon section of AA's website, so I'd guess they'll be in store just in time for summer.