2009 BAFTA TV Awards Alexa Chung.jpgIf you read CQ regularly (and why shouldn't you? Just kidding!) then you'll know all about Alexa Chung's move to New York to host a new MTV show set to début June 15. Right?

Now the lady herself has been in touch with WWD, to talk up her new one-hour daytime culture show, described as a mix of celebrity interviews, live performances and audience interaction.

"[The premise] is I've just moved here and I'm trying to meet people, so I'm inviting guests to the show," she explains. "It's weird; I'm new to New York, but I'm old hat at [TV]."

As for the job itself, well Alexa seems to have it in the bag: "Presenting isn't hard. You're basically reading cards. I mean, how f***ing difficult is that?"

"The hard bit is getting over knowing that lots of people are watching you, and you, your personality, not your looks, not your talent for math or something, [is what] they're judging. I'd rather someone go 'Ah, she's really funny' than 'Ah, she's really foxy,'" she adds.

The show itself is rumoured to be titled, The Alexa Chung Show, and will focus heavily on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to encourage viewer participation.

"You can contact the show and tell us directly we are s**t," Alexa says. Great idea! Wouldn't we like to see that for many other shows?

Much has been made of the expectations weighing on Alexa to save MTV from its troubles. The music network suffered a ratings dive in the first three months of this year, revealing an 18 per cent drop. This coupled with Lauren Conrad's forthcoming departure from The Hills, has certainly turned the pressure cooker up on Alexa.

"We auditioned many, many, many people for this show, and that's five or six manys," admits MTV exec, Dave Sirulnick. "We immediately fell in love with her. It feels to me that she's very much in touch with the way our viewers live and think."

As for the clothes she'll be wearing, don't expect her to become some super-glossified/manicured/lacquered TV presenter any time soon.

"I will wear what I always wear from day-to-day," she says. So may we assume that will be some of her favourite Brit designers, e.g. Luella, House of Holland, etc.?

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[Photo: WENN.com]