katemoss_metball2008_stellamccartney.jpgThat is the question many of us are dying to know!

Kate Moss, along with Justin Timberlake and Marc Jacobs (who is rumoured to be bringing Madonna and Courtney Love with him!) are this year's co-chairs of the Metropolitan Costume Institute Gala Ball, which honours 'The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion'.

While attending the launch of Shaun Leane's White Light diamond this week, it was revealed that Kate has been busy sketching turban designs with Stephen Jones to wear on the red carpet. She is also said to be eyeing up the White Light brooch as well.

Meanwhile, a Fashionista reader claims that Kate has asked Marc to design her a Veronica Lake-inspired dress especially for the event.

Well, if anyone can pull off an Indian headdress, diamond brooch and old Hollywood glamour, it's Kate!