katemoss_newyork_topshop_floraldress.jpgNot content with her Topshop empire and multiple high profile modelling contracts, Kate Moss is said to be considering releasing a cookbook... uh-huh.

According to the Mirror, the supermodel has been dabbling in the culinary arts recently, testing out Jewish recipes on Jamie Hince from a cookbook penned by Stasha Palos, the stepdaughter of Sir Philip Green. While others point out that the story could simply be a plug for her new book on the eve of Passover.

"She is buzzing about the idea of being the first supermodel to release a cookbook," a source said.

Kate has tried-and-tested everything from chicken noodle soup to salt beef and potato latkes, and nondairy pareve carrot and honey cakes.

Modelling or cookery? It seems it's all kosher to Kate.