Rachel Zoe, who this week announced the launch of her own clothing label, interviewed Sienna and Savannah Miller about Twenty8Twelve for Interview magazine. During the chat, Zoe learns that the sisters' passion for fashion stems from having a highly stylish mother: "Our mum was very glamorous in a shimmery, 80s sort of way. She had endless dinner parties. It was very Bohemian and inspiring to grow up around creative people in that way," Sienna reveals. After their first London Fashion Week show, she also claims they were "expecting to get eaten alive," but "thankfully the message came across and it seemed to go down well."

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With a mixture of Savannah's training at Central Saint Martins and work with Matthew Williamson, and Sienna's celebrity-status and knack for knowing how to throw together a look, they were offered their own project.

"When we were approached to do the line it felt like an organic step to take. It means we get to spend time together, and it's a lot of fun," said Sienna.

The pair owe a lot to the advancements in technology, which helps them to coordinate their label even when Sienna is away working on films.

"It's great having both [professions], because it keeps things interesting and diverse but obviously there aren't enough hours in the day, and being on set means I can't be in the studio all the time. Thankfully, Savannah oversees everything, and we Skype and email every day," she adds.

As for what's on the horizon for Twenty8Twelve, Savannah says: "We have been doing belts since Fall-Winter 2009 and hope to expand our bag range in the future, but it's very difficult to produce bags of the standard we would like and keep them in the pricing structure of the rest of the clothes. We are working on it! Hopefully all that will come as the brand grow and gets more established."

This will be music to the ears of our fellow bloggers at The Bag Lady, for sure.

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