It's Friday and I have some fun movie news for you. As we all know, Coco Avant Chanel recently opened in cinemas, much to the delight of fashion fans. However, it seems not everyone in Paris is happy to see Audrey Tautou in the designer's shoes. The city's transport authority has banned the film's promo poster from being displayed on buses because it depicts Audrey smoking a cigarette. Ironically, France's health minister thinks it's ridiculous.

As for those rumours of a Clueless sequel, read on...

Every few years whispers surface that a sequel or remake of the 1995 hit film Clueless is in the works. Well, rumours have begun again this time involving Alicia Silverstone herself.

Star magazine reports that Silverstone and pal, Clueless writer and director, Amy Heckerling, were recently spotted in Tarzana, California and overheard talking about a script for a sequel.

"They were talking about the script they're working on and how exciting this is for them," a source said. "It's been a dream of Alicia's to bring Cher back to the big screen. Amy is writing it, but Alicia is giving her tons of ideas."

Fuelling speculation, Alicia appeared The Graham Norton Show last year and revealed that she is talks to reprise her role as Cher Horowitz. Clueless: High School Reunion is rumoured to be the title.

Can you really see Alicia in the role of Cher again? Is a sequel even necessary? I'm inclined to think not.