"Ooh, I do like to wear clothes! And if I wear clothes, I bet I could design them! Because, like, I'm really creative but, like, no one really gets that about me. And I've always loved fashion. Well, buying it, anyway. Then I could have a super-duper party to launch my fashion range and there will be lots of pictures of me, me, me in the party picture section of the London Evening Standard's faaaaabulous ES magazine! And best of all, I'll be helping my fans because I'll be, like, clothing them and the little fatties will be thinking they might even look like me if they dress like me. Quick! Where's the phone number of that designer I met in LA at the Chateau? I'm sure he could, like, help me with the drawing part."

Hadley Freeman in the Guardian today
, getting into the heads of celebrities and their fashion collections.