daisylowe_interview_marcjacobs_mtv.jpgIt has been a big 12 months for Daisy Lowe.

A move to a different city, loads of new campaigns, an gig with MTV, not to mention rekindling a former romance. So, just how has she coped with all these changes?

"I keep thinking, 'Shit, am I going to fall down now?'" she says of her success. "Is this how far I'm going to get?"

She recently opened up to The Daily Beast from her Manhattan pad on all things from modelling to MTV to Marc Jacobs.

"I met Marc Jacobs today, and I was like, 'Oh my God I love you, I'm going to cry,'" she says at being the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs. To hear what else she has to say, read on...

On being dubbed an 'it-girl'... "I really hate the term. When I think of 'It Girl,' I think of someone who is privileged, someone who has everything given to them. My parents don't have loads of money. I've been looking after myself, paying my own way since I was 17. I've worked for every penny I've ever earned."

On her new environmental documentary for MTV...
"I want it to show the girl behind the photo... that as a young model you don't have to be really stupid too... I want to give back and spread the word on how you can look after our planet. I hope to have a family in five to 10 years and I want my children to be in a world that's the same world I grew up in, not one with loads of freak weather where it's unbearably hot. I want them to live in a good world."

On her public image... "I'm really putting my private image out there for the whole world. I've always just been seen in photographs. This was a next step forward. I love modelling and I love fashion, but I also do a lot of other things: I paint a lot, I sing a lot, and sometimes I act on the side... I've got to be careful. I've got to remain private somehow. I'm contradicting myself, but I'm 20. I'm still growing and I'm going to make a lot of mistakes. I don't want the whole world to see me fall on my face."

On rekindling her relationship with Will Cameron... "When we got back together we said, 'OK, it's time for us to remain private."

On taking her mum's (Pearl Lowe) advice... "She'll tell me: 'Don't let your ass hang out. Put some more clothes on.' Or, 'Stop getting naked in front of people. Please don't do a naked shoot again. I'm doing something pretty nude in a couple of weeks. I think that the female form is a beautiful thing and not something to be ashamed of. I like getting naked; it makes me feel like I'm 2 years old again. It's definitely freeing."

On her own body image... "I'm not the type of person that looks in the mirror and says, 'I have a great body.' I can look in the mirror and pick my body apart to pieces and pieces. I'm not saying I want all models to be curvy; it's about having a healthy, beautiful body and appreciating the variety of the womanly form. We don't have to look the same, but fashion does have to change. The whole population isn't a size 0."

On where she'll be in ten years time... "I have no idea where I'm going to be in 10 years. I might just be a homeless person... being a model you have quite a short shelf-life... I'll have a place in London and here in NYC. I will maybe have just had my second kid. I want to be doing something creative, maybe with my own production company so that if I want to produce or direct I can do that, or if I want to do costume design or be in [a film] I can do that."

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