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Zandra Rhodes, pictured at an event in March with style soulmate and accessories designer Andrew Logan

Here is part two of our interview with Zandra Rhodes, we spoke to her yesterday about her forthcoming collection for M&S which should hit stores in May, click here to read part one.

"I've always thought if you're a designer, I mean obviously if you're a guy designing women's clothes its a bit different but if you look over and you covet someone else's stuff then you're not answering the question for yourself."

I wanted to ask you a little bit about your studio that you mentioned before, how does it feel have all that going on at FTM underneath you living space. because you've got the Swedish exhibition on at the moment haven't you?

I know it's lovely! Well my studio runs down the side of it, so I go in the side entrance, no-one sees me and if they need me they call me if they want me to help them. We've got Foale and Tuffin coming and I originally did prints for them, that was the first job I had on leaving college in 19...6..4! So I'm a consultant for the museum but I don't have to run it which is lovely.

So you're designing very much for yourself?

Well, I don't mean that the clothes are always gonna look right on me, but you've got to have some of them and think "I can't wait to wear that". If you have that answer then you know you answered the question correctly.

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What's next for Zandra Rhodes?

In 2005 there was a retrospective about my work, last year it was in Melbourne, Australia, this year it opens in Mexico City in May, and that's a retrospective of my key pieces from 1969. In September the opera I did, the Pearlfishers, that goes to Minneapolis so that I get a trip to Minneapolis. Apart from doing my own collection, which I launch every season, and maybe if this goes well we'll be talking about doing a new range of prints?

I've got seventy chests of clothes, they were originally stored at the back of the museum, currently they're stored in a lock up room in Newham but we're working out storage in my lock up rooms in Newham. I'm trying to get a grant to catalogue all my past work. beacuse originally when I founded the museum, I wanted to give credit to the textile designers because people don't give credit to textiles designers for their input and what the pritn means. The dress, like the one with the butterflies, it goes round the print, print is what makes the dress.

If you could go back into the past and visit any designer's studio who would it be?

That's a lovely question! What a fabulous question, I think probably someone like Paul Poiret who's really the father of them all. Although he ended up nearly destitute! The world always expects things to change so rapidly, instead of saying well that was wonderful. It's an obsession with change, instead of saying these were wonderful innovations, and it's been quite wonderful doing the show in Mexico and bringing back the punk collection I did in '77 and looking at the various things, we're so used to being fed with all these things. I have got some very, very exciting things in the pipeline that I can't talk about yet; in the period that we live in you've got to look at all opportunities.