Here 'tis! The leaked promo poster for the new Gossip Girl spin-off series, Valley Girls. The prequel show, set in the '80s, follows the lives of Lily van der Woodsen (nee Rhodes) and her former boyfriend, Rufus Humphrey, before they grew up, went their separate ways, got married and had children.

Playing a young Lily is Brittany Snow, who going by the poster, obviously was a bit of a wild child in her early days, getting up to all sorts of mischief that lands her in jail.

Little else has been revealed about the show, except that it looks at Lily's less privileged life from a luxury boarding school to living deep in the San Fernando Valley. It is here that she meets Rufus, and experiences a secret pregnancy, all while fighting the advances of wealthy Keith van der Woodsen, played by Matt Bar.

The series is set to debut on the CW network in America on 11th May. Naturally, we'll have to wait a bit longer - boo! Here's hoping for a truly retro wardrobe and a killer soundtrack.

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