Thumbnail image for stellamccartney_daphneguinness_parisflagshipopening.jpgThe last few days have brought with it much confusion over who is taking over the editorial reins at POP. Not only has the appointment of Dasha Zhukova caused a bit of a fuss, but now Daphne Guinness has cleared up reports that she has also joining the team by blogging about it, what else?

"It was so FUNNY to read on the web that I am on the new board of POP magazine with Dasha Zhukova and my friend Ashley Heath. It was flattering but not true I am afraid. It came as a complete surprise. A complete misunderstanding! That is the nature of the web," she posted yesterday.

Pop there goes one already! Luckily, Bauer Media's Ashley Heath spoke to Fashionologie to set the record straight...

"What I will say is that Daphne is still working on a very interesting and exciting special project for us. It's taking her somewhere new as a creative. Daphne's fantastic, she's a friend of mine and she's a huge fan of Dasha. But she's indicated that being a part of the editorial board is not a good idea as she needs to remain media neutral. I respect that," he said.

As for the seemingly lukewarm response that Dasha's appointment has received, he added:

"The reception from the fashion industry towards Dasha has been universally positive. As soon as she talks to anyone the fact that she is extremely intelligent, cultured, driven and positive becomes obvious... The advertisers are thrilled about her appointment, but then they realise an intelligent international perspective is key now. But I've no idea how the rest of the magazine media responded to the announcement. Editors and journalists aren't exactly known for their universal goodwill are they? But the front row figures I care about all grabbed me and said, 'Wow, this is really interesting, this is actually an exciting prospect.'"

Heath was also adamant that the editorial board is "very important but it's not the masthead." However, for all intents and purposes it still looks like Julia Restoin-Roitfeld will contribute in some sort of creative capacity to the magazine.