All the drama surrounding Rihanna's violent relationship with Chris Brown has left many wondering about the future of her endorsement deals. This has been exacerbated since she decided to stick with their turbulent romance. According to In Touch Weekly, Rihanna could now be in danger of losing her contract with Gucci (amongst others): "Rihanna's Gucci campaign hasn't be renewed, and now it might not be."

To find out what else she could lose, read on...

TMZ.com is reporting that Revlon have secretly hired a polling company to find out if Rihanna is negatively affecting its rival, CoverGirl.

As one of CoverGirl's celebrity ambassadors, Revlon is interested to know whether the public now thinks that Rihanna is an "appropriate spokesperson." So much so, that they have commissioned Harris Interactive to circulate an online survey asking people if they are aware of the person in the commercial (without mentioning Rihanna's name), and if they've heard about her in the news lately.

Harris Interactive have confirmed they have been recruited by Revlon, but the cosmetics company is yet to respond. Erm, busted?!