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Greenlanders took to the streets of Nuuk last week in a protest about Peter Jensen's autumn/winter collection, as local women felt he was looking down on their national culture.

Jensen's collection was affectionately based on his Aunt Jytte's years in Greenland in the '60s and featured many items inspired by Greenlandic national costume, including thigh high floral boots and pom pom trimmed dresses all with a cute folkloric feel. Matthew Williamson came under fire a couple of years ago after copying Ethiopian dress for one of his collections, but Jensen's show was nothing like that. 'Jytte' came across as a warm-hearted celebration of Greenlandic culture and indeed after seeing the show I spent a good few hours looking at the country's national costume online.

This June marks the date that Greenland gets its independence from Jensen's native Denmark, so it's understandable that emotions are high but Jensen himself seems a little shaken by the comments, telling Carola Long in the Independant: "I am shocked that our loving tribute to Kamik boots and beadwork capes could be construed as in any way exploitative," he says. "We hoped to bring the world's attention to the beauty of the Greenlandic national costume. We hoped that the people of Greenland would embrace the attention their heritage has received."

[Source: Independant, via: Style Bubble, Image:, Peter Jensen]