Perhaps it's a sign of the economic strain that we are hearing from Kate Moss as she prepares to unveil her spring 2009 collection for Topshop. What other reason is there for the supermodel who rarely gives interviews, to dish on this her ninth collection for the retailer? Kate sat down with the Telegraph to show off her latest line which includes a capsule line of Liberty-printed camisoles and baby-doll dresses.

"They remind me of my mum. Like all those gorgeous 1970s shirts with little flower Liberty prints that are so delicate and really English, and so cute," she said.

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On those pregnancy/marriage rumours... "[Pointing to a beaded 1920s-style flapper dress] Ooh that would be great for the wedding. Not my wedding. A friend's. No. I'm not getting married and my boobs haven't grown because I'm lactating or pregnant."

On why she rarely gives interviews... "It doesn't matter what you say, or how you are, they [journalists] can make you out to be whatever they want. But what's the point in complaining?"

On her very first range for Topshop... "The first season was pieces that I loved which had been hanging in my wardrobe that I then tweaked and improved. It was great, but now I can't wear any of it because, oh my God, all my favourite dresses have a Topshop label in them, ha ha. Now when I come into the office I'll talk about things that I really want. It's about what I think I am going to wear next season."

On her own personal style...
"I shove it on. Spontaneous outfits are the best ones. It's about chaos, not pre-planning."

On models and their views on fashion... "Somebody said the other day, most models don't like fashion, they just do it as a job. I was horrified. My God, why would you do it? If you don't like it, people can treat you like shit. If you don't enjoy the fantasy of it all, if you don't get into the spirit, what's the point?"

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  • Kate Moss for Topshop's spring/summer '09 collection lands in-store on 2nd April.

[Image: Pietro Birindelli via Telegraph]