polkadot_oli_swimsuit.jpgSeriously, have you seen this swimsuit?

Now that the awful exchange rate puts Esther Williams swimsuits out of my financial league, I have been on the hunt for a decent alternative in the UK. And lo and behold, Oli.co.uk have delivered the goods with this amazing cossie for only £30.

Except they didn't deliver the goods. Oh no. they simply taunt me with the beauty, while I twiddle my fingers and dream of days poolside dressed like a pin-up girl. And as friendly as the customer services rep sounded, she couldn't explain why it's late, she couldn't explain why (after a missing 'am' note and an angry phone call from a courier) I have the free gift, but not the actual order. She couldn't even really tell me when I'm going to get it.

So if you're thinking of ordering it, just be ready to wait...I'm hoping it's going to be worth it!