We like to play a bit of Guess whose shoes? and Guess the celebrity bag on our sister fashion sites Shoewawa and The Bag Lady, but today we decided to step things up a notch over here at Catwalk Queen and do a special edition of the game: Guess whose yacht?

It shouldn't be too hard: one is classic and sophisticated - much like this designer's wares. While the other is bright, bold and attention-seeking - and you probably won't be surprised to hear the eccentric designer has painted his cars and helicopter to match. Can you guess which yacht belongs (or belonged) to who? Oh and as an aside, which boat was I lucky enough to be able to have a quick squiz on board at? *smug grin* Read on to find out...

Sophisticated and sleek - it wouldn't take many guesses to figure out the anthracite grey and white Mariu was commissioned and designed by Giorgio Armani. Everything - from the teak floors to the simplistic furniture and even the towels - have had the Armani touch bestowed upon them, and I can vouch for the interior being every bit as beautiful as you can imagine it would be. Named for his mother, Armani sold this yacht after saying it was his "very first boat and also my last - you only do one in a lifetime" and has since moved onto the next one Main.

Naturally, the multi-coloured monstrosity belongs to Roberto Cavalli, he of a slight leopard-print obsession and all things OTT. The exterior paint job means it can look like a different colour when viewed from different angles. Very flash. Although I didn't get to view the interior, apparently leopard-print does feature heavily *surprise surprise*