scalloped_dress.jpgScalloped hems and trims are one of those catwalk trends that's bubbled under without becoming a mass-market fad on the high street.

It's easy to see why. When Christopher Kane and Chloe do it, the effect is high-end and creative. On the budget end, it's likely to look twee, tacky and cheap if you're not careful.

So the alternative is to look mid-market, in this case the Laden Showroom (available at ASOS) and quirky brand Honey Bunny. They've created this scalloped dress with coral and navy tiers for £74. It's a really heavy fabric so the shapes sit correctly, and you also get great volume from the sleeves (perfect now the shoulders are being emphasized everywhere). Obviously, this is an acquired taste, and you'll know instantly if you love it or think it's a bit too Alice in Wonderland. I think it's fab!