Things turned a little weepy at the Jil Sander show last Friday, when Lithuanian model Auguste Abeliunaite was spotted with tears streaming down her cheeks as she hit the catwalk. It was enough to leave many wondering, was this all part of the show? Another blogger dubbed the incident a sign of our troubled economic times.

So, what was the story behind the tears? Read on to find out...

WSJ has done some digging around and found that not even Jil Sander's publicist was aware of this unusual show of emotion.

"I did not see it, can't see it in the video and no one has asked about it to anyone in the press offices," he said.

While one backstage worker at the show claims that it was all because Auguste's shoes were extremely uncomfortable and high.

"She had broken her foot a while back and she had a bad cramp in one of her feet whilst walking on the catwalk. She was scared that she would fall because of the high and uncomfortable shoes. I can imagine the the pain and the fear of falling made her cry," they said.

After all the tumbles on the runways lately, can you blame her? What a trooper! The full show can be watched below.

[Source: The Cut via WSJ]