dashazhukova_pop_rumour.jpgThe buzz surrounding the surprise appointment of Dasha Zhukova as editor of POP is still very much hanging in the air. Feeling it the most is the lady herself, who told Style File's Derek Blasberg in Milan: "I feel like the elephant in the room."

It has certainly raised more than a few eyebrows among the British media. In fact, one member of the press sarcastically remarked in an email to Blasberg: "I'm going to be the next queen of England."

Meanwhile, Daphne Guinness, who was named one of POP's new fashion directors, has spoken of hearing of her appointment in the news.

"I am so excited about Dasha, and I think she'll do great, great things with the magazine. But I would like to emphasise that I'm completely neutral here - I'm a free agent! Fashion is my family and I love everyone just the same."