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The first images from the upcoming U.S. version of Absolutely Fabulous have been released.

Back, but in slightly different forms, Eddie and Patsy have been revived in Los Angeles for 2009.

Starring 3rd Rock's Kristen Johnston as Patsy and Kathryn Hahn as Eddie, the FOX network hope that the actresses can pick up where Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley left off.

Despite obvious similarities (a.k.a. the crazy wardrobe, Patsy's bouffant hair) the public response so far hasn't been overly supportive, with the NY Post deeming it "neither Ab or Fab."

"As a die hard fan of the original Absolutely Fabulous and a firm believer that The Office's US version was the exception that proves the American remake rule, I don't see this ending well," blogged NY Post's Jarett Wieselman.

While I reserve my verdict until it screens, it does make you wonder - have they learnt nothing from the Kath & Kim U.S. remake?