We're not sure exactly what fashion know-how Clay Aiken has which would qualify him to be judge on the upcoming series of America's Next Top Model (Cycle 12 y'all). But apparently he must know something about the little world of fashion, as this ditty is - well, according to Perez Hilton - very, very true.

The only link we can make between young Clay and fashion is his very public style transformation when appearing on American Idol (who can forget this image!?)

So perplexed were we, a bit of internet investigation seemed in order (ie. trailing the link back to the original source). And whaddaya know? We discovered Clay is set to take part in an "acting challenge" with the contestants and then serve on the judging panel. HUH?! Okay, so further research (thanks Wikipedia!) has uncovered Clay's leap onto the Broadway stage so the acting part makes a little sense... Yup, but we're still perplexed.

[via The Cut]