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From left: Jourdan Dunn, Cat Deeley and Jaime Winstone. Click image to enlarge

This weekend the Times asked some of our favourite fashion designers to hunt out some bargains charity shop-style. Osman Yousefzada picked out a sequinned tux jacket and told the paper: "I love the idea of mixing charity-shop buys with high-street and designer clothes -- it's a great way to express your individuality." Danielle Scutt picked out a pair of YSL earrings and a hot body con dress, she said: "Charity shops can be a good source of research, and it's really satisfying when you find a special piece. Every so often, you come across something great."

Their top 25 charity shops list 15 in the UK, and 10 in London but some of their picks are a bit flawed Obvious choices like WAGs fave Cancer Trust in Wilmslow make it onto the list, as well as the Brighton TRAID which is definitely not as good as its Sheperd's Bush counterpart, overflowing as it is with trendy students.

My favourite charity shop has to be the Cat's Protection League in Worthing, closely followed by Trinny Hop i.e. the Trinity Hospice on Streatham Hill. Area-wise I'd say that West Ealing and Harrow (both in London) are very good, and York as a whole is a bit of a charity shop mecca as far as I'm concerned. Where are your favourite charity shops? Let us know!