kirsten_cannes_rochas.jpgI was quite excited to see a story on today about the most misunderstood red carpet dresses. From Cameron Diaz in Ungaro to Kirsten Dunst in Rochas (left) it runs down some of the more risky choices that stars have made at awards ceremonies and big premieres in the last few years.

What I wasn't expecting, however, was that the entire story seemed to be a big dig at bloggers who disagreed with the opinions of the all-knowing staff at Style. Loads of online critics were quoted (but never named or linked to) in the piece, which even went as far as to poke fun at a spelling error by an unknown blogger.

What could have been a really great piece just reeks of entitlement. Come on, Style, you're better than that. Next time you're going to source your stories from bloggers (and bitch about them) at least have the courtesy to send some traffic their way into the bargain!

[image: Z. Tomaszewski / WENN]