Thumbnail image for max drummey peaches geldof.jpgTheir marriage was never "meant to last," according to Peaches Geldof and over the weekend she announced her separation from Max Drummey after just six months.

"After much soul-searching we have made a mutual decision to end our marriage and have agreed to go our separate ways. Our parting is amicable and both of us still respect and care about each other immensely. There were no other people involved in this decision and we both look forward to a future as good friends," she said in a joint statement.

Rumours of a divorce surfaced as early as November last year, after Peaches told Heat magazine that she never thought it would last.

"You can't ignore divorce rates. Every friend of mine has parents who are divorced," she said. "I didn't go into it with Max thinking, 'This is going to last forever'".

Peaches shares her time between New York and London, to work on her magazine duties for Disappear Here and Nylon, as well as her fashion collections for PPQ.

Living apart and constant fighting is believed to be the reason behind the separation, as well as her friendship with Virgins frontman, Donald Cumming. The socialite has since fled to Mexico to avoid the media attention.

They were married in Las Vegas in August last year.