It's New York Fashion Week (you don't say?) and *almost* surpassing the sartorial spectacles on show are the amazing threads seen on the show attendees. Don't tell me you aren't as curious about what Paris Vogue ed Carine Roitfeld is going to wear to Derek Lam as you are about what Derek Lam is actually going to send out!

Street style blogs are in their element during "fashion season" and the photographers create their own version of a paparazzi scrum on the steps of Bryant Park or in the grounds of Les Tuileries. These blogs become a goldmine for fashion inspiration at this time - The Sartorialist and Jak & Jil are just two which become my BBFs (blog best friends) during fashion week. The Facehunter will also be on the prowl come London Fashion Week (starting this Friday) and Jeremy Kost is your go-to man for all the best after party pics.

[Images: Jak & Jil]