As we mentioned yesterday in our usual daily Pick of the Blogs round-up, Katie Grand has finally opened up about her new baby, LOVE. So far, the stylist/editor has kept relatively quiet on why she left POP, but once she sat down with Nathan Gregory Wilkins (her pal and ex-boyfriend) for PonyStep and it was all loose lips.

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PonyStep: So how did you finally decide upon LOVE then?

Katie Grand: Well it was one of the first names that we mentioned, but we thought it was a bit mushy. We got the Courtney Love cover up and were trying it with Sex, X and a few others when I wondered what it would look like if we moved LOVE up to the top - and actually, it looked really cool. It's kind of like a 'Face' type banner in a way.

PS: So why did you resign from POP exactly? I imagine it must have been a tricky decision to make, as quite unlike Dazed or The Face, it was very much your baby?

KG: The decision was easy because Bauer had made it so difficult for us to do our job in the environment that we were working in. It was unlike the previous jobs I'd had - at Dazed we had a huge office, and when you have lots of space people can drop by and it's pretty creative. It was really miserable. I know this sounds terribly Ab Fab, but during summer when we were in production on the autumn issue of POP, the temperature in the office got so hot we started looking at health and safety regulations! We found that we were supposed to have 11 square metres per person but only had 5.6 meters each. It got very petty. We literally moved operations to Cecconi's for two days in the end and finished the magazine al fresco from there.

PS: So how do you feel about POP continuing without you? Won't it be a bit like Dallas without J.R. Ewing?

KG: The biggest problem for me at the moment is that POP could employ someone that I think is completely venomous - which would leave a really nasty taste in my mouth.

PS: Because it's something you started from scratch?

KG: Yes, and I'd like it to be good and I'd like it to have some credibility. Of course there are people that could take the position who I think are totally wrong. If someone were to take over the position that I consider a long-term enemy, I would be disappointed, but not as worried as I'd be if somebody really great took over.

PS: So lets talk about the cover and your cover girl Beth Ditto, was she your first and only choice?

KG: I never wanted anyone else. I think maybe Condé Nast would have liked someone a little more commercial, as Beth is pretty much unknown in America. It was funny because when we did the first cover of POP I put all of my friends on the cover and it felt a bit like that with Beth, like putting a friend on the cover. I knew that I got on well with her that she'd give great quotes, she wouldn't ask for photo approval and wouldn't insist that her own hair and make up people worked with her. She was amazing, she turned up the night before the shoot, they got to work on dying her hair which took five hours, after which she turned up full of energy and enthusiasm at Mert and Marcus' suite at Chateau Marmont in a floral kaftan, her hands aloft screaming "oh my god I can't believe I'm here! Katie, I can't believe I'm your first cover-girl!"

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