London Fashion Week: Ann-Sofie Back Show and Walktrough from LesMads on Vimeo.

We were already looking forward to the slasher-film inspired show after interviewing Back a few weeks ago, but the "Ann-Sofie Back burns in hell" show proved to be one of her best yet.

Taking her cues from cult films like Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead and Carrie, Back sent out models with whited-out faces and zombieesque contacts to a soundtrack of some of the greatest moments in horror including Tubular Bells and the Ghostbusters theme.

She's managed to compile some of the biggest recent trends like distressed jersey, acid denim and lace and weave them seamlessly into her collection. A genius jumper emblazoned with the word 'BOOBLES' presumably harked back to the days of larking about with upside down calculators. Blood-drip sunnies and pre-chewed chewing gum made for highly covetable accessories and dreamcatchers turned up as inspiration on jewellery, tops and dresses.

Where someone like Peter Jensen loses himself entirely in his subject matter Back cherry-picks elements from her chosen theme and manipulates them to fit her narrative. Indeed her collection had some trademark ASB pieces like wonderfully tailored trousers and oversized blazers proving that underneath the humour she is a serious contender.