Vauxhall Fashion Scout; LFW's designated area for 'emerging talent' got off to a flying start on Friday with its first runway show of the season, from eclectic and eco-conscious young designer Julia Smith.

Smith's inspiration for the show, 'Mrs. White' was an eccentric old woman that she would often encounter in her student days while wandering the streets of South London. But there were certainly no 'Streatham facelifts' to be seen in this shoulder pad-clad and big haired, 80s-inspired show: Smith's trademark masculine tailoring was offset by more quirky embellishments, while a new direction for the designer was provided by figure-enhancing heavy silk and satin dresses.

There was certainly a lot to love about this collection if you're into indie style; button badges, knitted bows and chunky scarves combined to set off the tight and sharply-cut lines of the garments. But the collection also tapped into LFW's aim of becoming the greenest fashion show on the planet, as all of the fabrics used are organic, recycled and sustainable.

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