It's been a while since the last What's In Your Wardrobe but we have a doozy of a gallery courtesy of RosiePop, the fashion blogger and mother who might be out in the sticks but can still whack out inspiring and idiosyncratic posts. Think you can do better? Then email me your wardrobe pics at, otherwise read on to find out what makes her tick..

Rowena (for that is her real name) lists her current obsessions as "shoulder pads, chain print, midnight blue, peach, horses' tails, violet (the scent and the colour), Elnett hairspray, gold chav earrings, patent leather, white sequins, nude, roses (the scent, the flower), bad taste, matte red, black (always), aubergine, velvet and vintage corsetry." She goes on to say: "A large percentage of my wardrobe is made of things you just wouldn't wear to nip to the shops in - therefore I intend to do so." Sounds wonderful, and you've got to love someone who has a dedicated dressing up box and a projects box... Makes me feel less bad for my own hoardery.

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