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Gareth Pugh is helping ramp up LFW fever by appearing on the cover of Time Out alongside Daphne Guinness. The issue came out yesterday and features an interview with the cult designer, who explains his choice of fellow cover star:

'Daphne is one of those people who really knows what she wants,' he says. 'She's an iconic, fashion-forward, thinking kind of person and she's interested and excited about different things.' Pugh went on to say: 'She's a very big supporter of creativity, which I have great admiration for. It's kind of like a hobby for her - acquiring amazing things - and that's a good thing, especially today as people want something to kind of dream about and wish for.'

Jump through to see what Daphne had to say about Gareth...

'I saw the clothes at Bergdorf and then I just started researching online. I'd never seen anyone doing architectural pieces the way he does them - they were easy yet so complicated - not like clothes. You think they are going to be incredibly difficult to put on and then you just put them on and it's like being in a space movie. The construction is incredible. I ended up buying stuff wherever I could find it.'